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Central Catalonia Geopark

The region of the Global Geopark coincides with the 'Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia.' It has an extensive geodiversity with outstanding examples from the fields of stratigraphy, sedimentology, tectonics, karst systems, palaeontology, and palaeoanthropology. The faunal content of its sedimentary rocks shows multiple examples of rich diverse life from past geological eras. The best known and most abundant fossils are of marine origin originating from organisms living in warm shallow seas which covered the region 55 million years ago. Geodynamics and mining are part of the Catalan Potassic Basin, one of the largest potassium salt mining areas in Europe. It shows some of the best global examples of sedimentation of evaporite rocks in a dynamic context; these are sedimentary deposits that result from the evaporation of seawater. Mining activity has left an important heritage. The exploitation of halite, commonly known as rock salt, first appeared here during Neolithic times and continued until the time of the Roman Empire. Activities such as kiln and tile workshops using traditional skills are important tourist attractions.