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Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark

Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark is notable for its remote, wilderness location. It is the first Global Geopark in western North America, and the first to represent the plate tectonics that led to the formation of the Rocky Mountains. Mountain and foothill geology spans a Precambrian to Cretaceous time range (4600 to 66 million years ago). The site also contains Pleistocene deposits (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago), and preserves part of the Triassic Pangea shoreline (about 250 to 200 million years ago) as well as the interchanging marine and terrestrial intervals of a fluctuating Western Interior Seaway. This is complemented by an abundance of palaeontological phenomena, which form the basis for ongoing scientific research. Cretaceous dinosaur tracks (many of which are of global significance), a Cretaceous dinosaur bone bed with unusual features, and Triassic fish and marine reptiles are of particular importance. The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery in Tumbler Ridge is a major attraction, while a network of hiking trails leads to numerous geosites, including spectacular waterfalls, dinosaur tracks, mountain summits, sedimentary rock formations, caves and canyons.




Sarah Waters, BA, RPCA

Executive Director

Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark

PO Box 1600, Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada, V0C 2W0

T: 250-242-7733 I: