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GGN Newsletter 2012 Issue 01

Source :GGN Office Published :May 5, 2012


Inside this issue:

01- Nine sites added to Global Geoparks Network(click)
02- All member list as of May 2012(click)
03- 2011 Annual conference of China‘s GGN Members Held In Leye-Fengshan Geopark(click)
04- Partnership activities between Hong Kong Geopark and Itoigawa Geopark(click)
05- Huangshan Geopark Seeks International Partnerships(click)
06- The Second Project of Geological Heritage Protection in Tianzhushan Has Passed the Examination(click)
07- The Specialized Seminar In the Opening Ceremony of Zigong Global Geopark(click)
08- Yuntaishan Global Geopark Tour Guide Attended the Geological Training(click)
09- Cliff Inscriptions enter the sixth stage of rubbings in Danxiashan(click)
10- Yanqing Geopark Marching Towards the World(click)
11- First International Conference on African and Arabian Geopark: ‘Aspiring Geoparks in the Africa and Arab World’ (click)
12- The Rectification and Reform Work about Midterm Evaluation of Wangwushan-Daimeishan Global Geopark is In Constant Progress(click)
13- European Geoparks Week 2012, 20th May-5th June 2012 (click)
14- 11th European Geoparks Conference 2012, 19-21 SEPTEMBER 2012 | AROUCA . PORTUGAL Geoparks: a contribution for a smart, inclusive and sustainable growth (click)
15- Intensive course on “Geoparks: Natural heritage protection and management, sustainable tourism and local development” 3-13 September 2012 Lesvos Island, Greece(click)


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