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Introducing GeoEducation in Action

Source :EGN Published :March 24, 2015
The Leonardo Da Vinci: “GeoEducation in Action” Project is based on a balanced geographical and cultural partnership of four European & Global Geoparks (Lesvos Geopark-GR, Arouca Geopark -PT, Beigua Geopark-IT, North Pennines Geopark-UK)with different experiences in geo-education and different national systems of training and certification, of trainers and trainees.

The project aims to establish the requirements for professional training and certification in Geoeducation, to develop common standards and tools for training and to define the links between Geoducational activities with labor market, in European level.

The partnership develops workshops, forums and meetings for stakeholders such as teachers, trainers, staff and trainees of geoparks, which will be an asset to the acquisition of skills. It is also intended to research, prepare, publish and disseminate this new methodology to boost professional training in Geo-education. This methodology will be disclosed and available to European and Global Geoparks Network, schools, universities, UNESCO and other partners in order to be a base for addirtional contribution in the above thanatology.

In the framework of the programme the fifth meeting of the project will be held in Arouca Geopark, Portugal on March 27-28.  Besides during the meeting of the project an International Workshop will take place on March 27 entitled GeoEducation in Action Good Practices in European Geoparks which will be open to teachers, students, scientists, bodies of local and regional authorities.

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