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Representative of Hong Kong Geopark speaks at North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland

Source:Hong Kong Geopark, China Published:Aug 15,2014

From 12-14 August 2014, Dr. Ka-ming Yeung, Head of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, visited North West Highlands Geopark, in Scotland, where he was invited to share with the Geopark’s staff and partners his insights on networking, local engagement and science-popularization from the Global Geoparks perspective. During his visit, Dr. Yeung delivered a talk entitled “China Global Geoparks Network and Hong Kong Geopark”.

Dr. Yeung also visited a number of the geopark’s facilities and unique geological features, including the Moine Thrust, near Ullapool, recognized as the most significant crustal dislocation of its type in northwestern Europe.

Dr. Yeung said he was grateful for the invitation to visit the geopark, which he said was of great value to the growth of both geoparks. “These sorts of exchanges benefit the Global Geoparks Network and the advancement of the geopark concept,” Dr. Yeung said.

North West Highland Geopark was Scotland’s first geopark and is an important member of European Geopark Network (EGN). Like Hong Kong Global Geopark, North West Highlands Geopark is supported by strong local communities seeking to celebrate their world-class geological wonders, while at the same time achieving sustainable development.


Dr. K.M. Yeung (left) of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, Ms. Laura Hamlet (centre) and

 Mr. Pete Harrison (right) at North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland

Dr K. M. Yeung meets with Cllr George Farlow, Chair of North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland

Dr. Yeung shares his experience with staff and partners of North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland