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Libo, Shilin and Wulong’s jointly efforts to protect World Natural Heritage Published:Oct 28,2011

Annual conference of South China Karst World Heritage was held in Shilin County, on October 25 to 26, 2011. South China Karst is made up of Shilin Karst in Yunnan, Libo Karst in Guizhou and Wulong Karst.

South China Karst World Heritage protection conference was firstly held in in Libo, Guizhou in June 2009.The three components of South China Karst, Libo, Wulong and Shilin, signed the Declaration of Libo which specifies conference of South China Karst World Heritage should be held every year. Libo, Wulong and Shilin should strengthen the links and jointly promote protection and management of World Natural Heritage.

The theme of this conference is that tourism industry helps farming and promotes heritage conservation. Wang Ruitian, Top offical from Department of Housing and Urban Construction made speech on the conference. Stone Forest Agreement was signed on the conference, which produced South China Karst World Heritage management committee.