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The mission of professors from Zhejiang Normal University explores Yandangshan Geopark for geoscienc

Source:Yandangshan Global Geopark Published:Jun 27,2011

On June 24, a mission comprising five professors from Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU) investigated the travel route for geoscience education in Yangdangshan Geopark, in the company of leaders from the Geopark.

The mission had a field exploration in Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock, Dalongqiu, Xianshengmen Gate and other scenic areas. Professor Lv Huijin said that they would select the Geopark as the educational base for ZNU’s students majored in geosciences in view of that the Geopark is an exclusive geopark in Zhejiang Province, the educational base of land and resources and the famous mountain known as “Absolute Resort in the World” and “Fantastic Beauty under the Sun”, and also possesses the abundant geoheritage and the particular rhyolitic volcanic landform.

Leaders of the Geopark introduced the general conditions of the Geopark, the significance of geosciences education for a geopark, the relationship between geotourism and tourism. In addition, they proposed the cooperation in launching activities of geosciences education jointly with ZNU, which received an enthusiastic response from the professors.

It is said that ZNU will organize a tour of geosciences education in the Geopark for their students next week.