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Grand Opening Ceremony of 2011 China International Stone Forest Torches Carnival

Source:Shilin Global Geopark Published:Jul 26,2011


Shilin Yi Autonomous County is full of passion in July. On July 24, the hospitable Yi people, Chinese and foreign guests from all over the world gathered in Shilin Torch Square to celebrate the magnificent festival of the Yi people - 2011 China International Stone Torch Carnival. Nearly 10 million people watched the opening ceremony and the bullfight.

Some provincial and municipal leaders of relevant departments and experts attended the opening ceremony. They are as follows: Yin Xin, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Yunnan Province; Jin Zhiwei, member of Kunming Municipal Standing Committee as well as Minister of Party United Front Work Department; Fang Xingguo, Political Commissar of Garrison Command of Kunming; Zhuyong Yang, vice mayor of Kunming Municipal Government; XU Guangyou, deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Tourism Administration; Wang Kailiang, Deputy Minister of Commerce Yunnan Environmental; Feng Shengyu, director of Discipline Inspection of Environment Protection Department of Yunnan; Zhao Deguang, member of Baoshan Municipal Standing Committee. Leaders from friendly and sister counties (cities) districts and some entrepreneurs, news media reporters also attended the opening ceremony.

Bimo, a famous people in Shilin, known as pioneer of Yi traditional culture, advocates and communicators, led his team to the opening ceremony. Mysterious team Qi Fan, beautiful bright rainbow team and drum team appeared in the opening ceremony. Lion dance performances, suona (a local musical instrument) and stick performances and three-stringed lute performances also appeared in the opening ceremony. Traditional rituals and colorful ethnic folk dance showed Yi People's yearning for a better life, for national unity and for prosperous motherland. The performance is also a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and friends.

County deputy secretary and county magistrate Zhang Qinxun addressed speech at the opening ceremony. He said that Shilin is the essence of the world karst, the hometown of Ashima in China. Torch Festival of Yi people is the biggest traditional festival. For thousands of years, hard-working, brave, kind, intelligent Yi people lived in this golden and colorful land. They have created a fire history, fire culture. Over the years, the always-burning torches have been shining. With the progress of the times, and now, the ancient, magical Torch Festival has been given new content, and it has become open to all people, symbol of progress and peace and friendship.

Huge earth-shaking changes have taken place in Shilin County,

economic prosperity, national unity, social stability and harmony. Shilin County is accelerating as a wonderful land for tourism and investment. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. And we will build a prosperous and ecological Shilin. We will build an international tourist destination. Torch Carnival Festival indicates harvest, joy, harmony. Let us light the passion. Enjoy your stay in Shilin.