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Norwegian EEA funds provided opportunities for cooperation with Slovene Geopark Project

Source:Magma Geopark Published:Oct 18,2010

Last weekend in August, a delegation of 10 experts from Magma Geopark visited municipality of Idrija in Slovenia. The aim of the trip was to learn from each other by sharing experiences in teaching and administration of geopark work. Emphasis was placed on how sites are presented, methods of exhibitions and expands the knowledge of Europe's natural heritage. The first weekend in September, visited as a group of eight Slovenian experts Magma Geopark with the same goal.

In Slovenia, Idrija

The program was first guided tour of Ljubljana Slovenia's capital, meeting with President Suzana Fajmut Strucl who have received EU support for the establishment of a bilateral Geopark in north-western Slovenia (Podzemlje Pece, doo, Mežica) before we went to the hotel in Cerkno. The second day was the official reception at the town hall in Idrija with Mayor Bojan Sever and representative of the Norwegian embassy in Slovenia, presentations welcomed by Martina Peljhan and led by Bojan Režun, visits to lace school with Metka Fortuna, an aquarium with Valter Majnik, Idrija municipality museum Ivana Leskovec and Anton Zelenc, mining museum, a trip down mercury mine Anthony's mine and smelter. Third day visit to the water wheel pumping water into the mines with Anton Zelenc, Landscape Park and partisan printing and final day visit to Skocjan stalactite caves with Vanja Debevc Gerjevi? Martina Stuper and ultimately the town of Piran. Our guides in Slovenia was Bojan Režun, Martina Peljhan, Mojca Kav?i? and Tatjana Dizdarevi? who was with us all day.

In Norway and Magma Geopark

First-day Åsen with Kjesti S. Bye and deputy mayor Asbjorn Ramsli and official receipt by Thor Kristian Klepp and Business development manager Inger Christensen at the Grand Hotel Egersund. Second day Egersund Lighthouse with a short meeting with a class from Helleland primary school and Stein Roar Slotterøy from Dalane Outdoor organisation, Teambuilding Pittergarden with Kjersti and Dalane experiences, Dalane Folk Museum with Linda Høie, Egersund Terracotta with Torgeir Torgeirsen and Oliveto before overnight at Ben's Café and Motel. Third day Gursli mines with Egil N. Eek and meet with Mayor Olav Hafstad, wooden buildings Egersund, Fajanse museum with Linda, presentations, mini-conference with Visit Dalane and Monika R. Waldemar and Dalane Outdoor organisation Stone Roar Slotterøy, and then to Bakkaåno B & B. Fourth day Blåfjell, Rugg Stein, Songdal Beach with Eli Laupstad Omdal, Titania, Jøssingfjord and caves with Bess Grastveit, Viaferrata Migaren with Idar Ose, Sjødis with Johnny Nesvåg to Brufjell and Nesvåg Sea and Motor Museum where New Adventure met Mayor Dag  Sørensen and concert Sokndal Church by Martin HC Spindles. Last Day we got a presentation of the subject at Geoscience at Dalane Upper secondary School with lector May Sissel Pedersen and a visit at Jærmuseet with Helene Østby Larsen.