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First Announcement-2nd APGN Symposium

Published:Jan 20,2011
1. To foster networking and cooperation between members, aspiring and potential members of APGN, GNN and EGN.
2. To introduce and discuss the role of UNESCO’s new initiative on geopark and geotourism as a means for comprehensive conservation and wise use of heritage values for regional sustainable development.
3. To introduce and discuss ways and approaches in geopark and geotourism development.
4. To stimulate contributions of different economic (state, private, foreign etc.) and scientific (natural sciences and humanities) actors in geopark and geotourism development.
5. To discuss ways of networking and cooperation between different national holders of UNESCO and other international titles on conservation of nature and heritage.
1. APGN Symposium (each theme consists of keynote lectures and oral/poster presentations).
Theme 1: Governance and networking for geopark and geotourism development.
Theme 2: Stakeholder involvement in geopark and geotourism development.
Theme 3: Communicating geopark, geoheritage and geotourism
Theme 4: New and aspiring geoparks.
2. APGN, GGN Bureau meetings.
3. National Workshop and Business Dialogue.
4. Workshops/training courses, Geopark Fair, Photo Contest and Best Geotour Guide Contest.