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World’s largest Dinosaur fossil group discovered in Zhucheng, Shandong

Source : Source:China Daily Shandong Bureau Published :October 15, 2009

A 500-meter-long, 26-meter-deep dinosaur fossil gallery has been found in Shandong’s Zhucheng Dinosaur Stream.

Dozens of well-known dinosaur experts at home and abroad have confirmed that it is the largest fossil group with the richest reserves in the world.

”The unparalleled scale of this dinosaur fossil group in Zhucheng is a remarkable example of physical geography” said the UNESCO World Geo-park Group Executive Board authorities after an inspection of the area recently.

On October 7, a complete set of dinosaur skeletons of unknown species was transported from Zhucheng to the Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology for further study.

The famous dinosaur expert, Professor Xu Xing preliminarily considered it as a likely new dinosaur species. It would be another major archeological milestone after the third exploration of the area in January 2008 in Zhucheng dinosaur stream.

The skeletons have been identified by Zhao Xijin and Professor Xu Xing from the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the biggest known duck-billed dinosaur skeletons.

The fossils set, initially named ‘Huge Chinese Dragon’, make up a skeleton over 21 meters long, nearly 4 meters longer than the ‘Dragon King of the World’. Currently, fossil repair has been done. 10 dinosaur species have so far been found in Zhucheng dinosaur stream.

Dinosaur Stream, the mainstay of Zhucheng Cretaceous Dinosaur Geo-park, is proactively applying to be included in the World Geological Parks, the World Natural Heritage and the Geological Wonders of the World.