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First World Young Earth-Scientists Congress 2009

Source: Published:May 31,2009

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the triennium 2007‐2009 as the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE). The proclamation of the year has contributed to the UN sustainable development targets as IYPE promotes stewardship of Earth’s resources and materials and encourages better planning and management to reduce risks for the world’s inhabitants.

Making Earth Science knowledge available and promoting proper education and commitment to young generations of earth‐system scientists are the two key points of IYPE.

In observance of the United Nations proclamation of the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE), the Young Earth Sciences Network is organizing the First World Congress which is focused on young earth scientists and earth science professionals. The congress also will involve young political leaders, representatives of civil societies, organizations and associations across the world.

At the same time, we welcome all senior earth scientists to attend and to express themselves. The first proposal for this Congress originated in Italy with strong support from the Italian IYPE Committee, the Geological Survey of Italy (ISPRA, former APAT), IYPE Corporation and IUGS.

The goals of the Congress will be met through a series of oral sessions and poster sessions that pertain to the ten themes of the IYPE, and roundtable discussions that focus on topics of global, scientific, and social significance. The roundtables will consist of young representatives and / or earth scientists of organizations, associations, Young researchers of the geologic companies, civil societies, politics, and media. These representatives will be from different countries and will also be active at the national level. The participation of these individuals from different sectors and countries will enhance international collaborations and increase the involvement of the international community. The participants at the roundtables also will assist in the dissemination of the information after the congress has concluded.

The Congress is an event that, if well planned and advertised, will have a great international impact both in the media and for the future generation of earth scientists. It is the only event among international organizations that will focus on young people (scientists, media, politicians, etc) from different nations in order to create an organized network of Young Earth Scientists that will persist beyond the three years of IYPE.

The Congress will be held at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing, China. Beijing is an ancient city with a long history, and it is one of China’s precious cultural treasures. The 2008 Olympics has brought vitality to the city of Beijing, and has provided for more friendly communications between Chinese and foreign people. With persistent efforts and careful preparation, this Congress will surely be an unforgettable event.

Welcome to Beijing in 2009.

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