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Geology Course in Copper Coast Geopark

Source: Source:Copper Coast Geopark Published:Feb 23,2009

25th - 30th May 2009

The aim of the course is to provide a general introduction to geology which will provide the background to understanding the geology of South East Ireland.

This will be achieved through a series of indoor lectures and practical work and a fieldtrip along the Copper Coast (day trip to be arranged at a later date, tide dependant).

Topics studied will include:
- Our Dynamic Earth: Earthquakes and Internal layering of earth
- Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
- Geological Time
- Minerals and Crystals
- Igneous Rocks and Volcanic Activity
- Sedimentary and Ancient Environments
- Metamorphic Rocks
- Palaeontology
- The Geology of South East Ireland

No previous knowledge is required, only a healthy curiosity about the Earth and how it works.

The course will be run by Tina Keating, our newly appointed geologist.

Location: to be announced

Fee and bookings: €110, please contact Paula at 051-292828 or Please note that the number of places is limited to 24 so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.