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Workshop on "Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and Local Development Strategies: New Prospects

Source: Source:Geological Mining Park of Sardinia Published:Feb 10,2009

2nd-3rd of April 2009
Organization : Geological Mining Park of Sardinia

The Geological Mining Park of Sardinia has great pleasure in inviting you to attend the workshop on "Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and Local Development Strategies: New Prospects for Growth".

The workshop is aimed at giving an overall vision of the issues and the opportunities relating to the management of sustainable tourist development (processes) in protected areas, at the same time stimulating the debate about the local growth prospects.

Looking at the experiences of the stakeholders involved in local development (processes) is a good way of linking and networking policy making territorial groups (in protected areas), in other words municipalities, the academic world, the enterprise world, business and local people in general.

The aim is to contribute to the spread of new methods and integrated approaches to the sustainable development of tourism in protected areas.

The workshop is open to those operating in tourist areas such as owners, managers, executives of tourist facilities, mayors, regional and local tourist councillors, park authorities, waste collection and disposal enterprises, specialized press and research institutes.

The workshop will be held at the old mining power plant in the village of Buggerru and at the mining compound of Montevecchio.

The dates are the 2nd of April (1st evening session in Buggerru) and 3rd of April (2nd morning session in Montevecchio).


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