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European mining statutes compared

Source: Published:Jan 13,2009

“A journey into the mining tradition of the old continent”

The “Geological, Mining Park of Sardinia” and the “Technological and Archaeological Park of the Metalliferous Hills of Grosseto” in alliance with the municipalities of Iglesias and Massa Marittima organize the first Exhibition of the European mining statutes entitled:

The mining codices : European statutes compared.
From the Aljustrel Tables to the medieval Codices

Held simultaneously in Iglesias (Sardinia) and Massa Marittima (Tuscany) from the 4th to the 21st of December 2008.

The exhibition, opening simultaneously in the two towns on the 4th of December on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners, brings together for the first time ideally and graphically some of the most precious and interesting European mining codices, thanks to the new and now widespread technologies and the use of digital images, and avoiding the transfer of the original documents. A series of explanatory panels present images and information relative to the documents and the geographical areas origin of the codices. These include the Tables of Aljustrel in Portugal, the Iura seu Statuta Illaviae civitatis , that is, the statute of the city of Iglau, now Jihlava , in the Czech Republic and the Ius Regale Montanorum of the city of Kutna Hora, the Breve di Villa di Chiesa , the statute of the city of Iglesias in Sardinia and other important codices from different parts of Europe. The exhibition was combined with two days of study during which the precious documents of the two host cities were examined and their historical context analysed in their various relationships, also illustrating the social, and the more specifically mining, aspects.