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Recent activities and meetings of Papuk Geopark

Source: Source:Papuk Geopark Published:Dec 29,2008

OUGSME Geo-Trip Croatia 2008

visit to the one of Papuk Geopark geosites, Badenian strata with different facies

visit to the Jankovac geotrails, geological column

In October Papuk Geopark hosted participants of OUGSME Geo-Trip Croatia 2008. The Open University Geological Society Mainland Europe (OUGSME) is the newest branch of the Society and serves all countries in Continental Europe. One of the tasks of this association is organizing excursions throughout Europe. This year they spent six days travelling across Croatia getting acquainted with the Croatian geological heritage. The first day of their excursion was reserved for Papuk Geopark tour. Before going to the field we held a presentation about Papuk Geopark and EGN in general. After that, the participants went to a guided tour around Papuk visiting ten geosites some of which are part of educational geotrails. During the field trip we had help of professor D. Balen (Department of Geology, Faculty of Science) who assisted in clarification of some geological issues. The tour ended with the visit to the famous vineyard area (Kutjevo region) on the south slopes of Papuk Mt. The region produces 80 to 90% white wine, and is known for elegant wines from the grasevina grape.

“International Mountain Day 2008”

End of the trip, Rupnica - the first Geological Monument of Nature

In order to celebrate “International Mountain Day 2008” Papuk Geopark and Slavonian Mountaineering Association organized "Trip to unknown Papuk" for all nature and geology lovers. The trip took place in the western part of the Geopark, during which the participants climbed the Točak peak (887 m), which is one of Papuk's highest peaks. This part of Papuk has not been often visited by hikers, meaning that many have met this part of the Park for the first time. One of the interesting places that could be seen was the Muscovite abandoned mine, and the protected monument of nature “The habitat of Yew” - the last known habitat of yew on Papuk. The goal of the trip was Rupnica - the first Geological Monument of Nature in Croatia, where everybody had the opportunity hear an interesting story on volcanoes and the creation of Rupnica. Due to this year’s topic related to sustainable development of mountain areas "Food Security in Mountains" local beekeepers presented their original products (honey, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax) from the mountain pastures.

Celebration marking the 60th anniversary of legal protection of geological heritage in Croatia

Goran Radonic gives the presentation on EGN and Papuk Geopark

Poster published for this occasion

This year we are celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of legal protection of geological heritage in Croatia. Also International Year of Planet Earth is being celebrated all over the world. Therefore, a central ceremony dedicated to these occasions was organized in Krapina. The organizers of this three-day gathering were the National Committee for IYPE and the Museum of Evolution and the Site of Pre-historic Man Husnjakovo. The meeting was attended by prominent geologists, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and local authorities. The representative of Papuk Geopark, Goran Radonic, who is the member of the National Committee for IYPE, had a very significant role in the whole event.” Besides the discussions on protection of geological heritage, on efforts to bring greater awareness of the earth sciences to benefit society, and on educational programs a dozen power-point presentations were also held. Goran presented EGN and Papuk Geopark as a new concept of promotion and protection of geological heritage.

It is important to mention that the reason for celebrating 60th anniversary of legal protection of geological heritage in Croatia is Papuk Geopark geosite - Rupnica which was granted a protected status as the first Geological Monument of Nature in Croatia in1948.

5th International ProGEO Symposium on Conservation of the Geological Heritage

Island of Rab fieldtrip

Papuk representatives participated in 5th International ProGEO Symposium on Conservation of the Geological Heritage during which the discussions were held on how to encourage national Geoparks projects in the framework of sustainable development and how to enhance geotourism and its potentials for regional developments. Goran Radonic as a member of the Honorary Committee gave a plenary talk. This talk focused on trends in protection of geological heritage.