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“The International Networks of Geosites and Industrial Archaeology”.——A portal realized by the Geolo

Source: Published:Dec 24,2008

The immense world heritage of geosites and geoparks, starting from that of the Geological and Mining Park of Sardinia, will within everybody's reach: scholars, enthusiasts or virtual tourists with a simple click. This is the goal that the Geological Mining Park of Sardinia has set itself through the creation of the Internet portal, under the guidance of Cagliari University,, already online. Thanks to the portal it has been possible to create an information data bank which has allowed the activation of a network of links with representatives of bodies and institutions at both national and international level.

The portal, making possible therefore easy surfing of hundreds of sites all over the world, is a wonderful opportunity to highlight points of contact, analogies and differences, and to discover other worlds, other geological, mining, industrial, economic and human aspects. The virtual surfer is thus led to discover online the values of the Park as well as those of the other sites, but is above all invited to go beyond the computer screen and plan a visit to the extraordinary real places.

The final results of the project, still to be translated into several languages, have recently been illustrated by experts from all over the world on the occasion of a Conference held on the 6th and 7th of November 2008, in the buildings of the Geological Mining Park of Carbonia and Iglesias.

The participants illustrated in particular the management and improvement-restoration strategies of the archaeological and industrial heritage of the territorial systems. The main aims can be summarised as follows:

- to analyse the most significant experiences , nationally and internationally, in the management of networks of natural and cultural resources with reference to the industrial geological and archaeological heritage;

- to activate and consolidate relations of collaboration and cooperation with those who have had similar experiences in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world;

- to promote knowledge of the geological, archaeological, industrial, historical and environmental heritage of the Park through the potential offered by the use of new tools of communication.