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Coming Revaluation of Huangshan and Lushan Geoparks by UNESCO

Source: Published:Dec 01,2008

Huangshan Global Geopark

Lushan Global Geopark

Prof. Nickolas Zouros ---- an expert from the Globle Geoparks Network Bureau ---- will have a field trip in Huangshan and Lushan geoparks for “revaluation” during the period Nov. 29 - Dec. 5.

Huangshan and Lushan geoparks were designated as members of the first global geoparks by UNESCO in 2004. Pursuant to the UNESCO’s management provisions on global geoparks, the UNESCO should revaluate each member of the GGN (Global Geoparks Network) every 4 years and then show a green card/yellow card/red card according to the progress in construction of each geopark.

So far the UNESCO has visited Songshan, Yuntaishan and Wudalianchi geoparks of the first eight global geoparks in China for revaluation. It is known that Danxiashan, Shilin and Zhangjiajie geoparks are going to be revaluated in the near future following Lushan and Huangshan.