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Visit in Danxiashan Geopark by Delegation from Vietnam

Source: Published:Nov 18,2008

A 20-member Vietnamese delegation of geoparks from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources and other agencies explored the Danxiashan Geopark on November 6.

They had prodigal praise of the distinguishing and spectacular Danxia landform as well as the attractive natural scene, taking photographs in the process of their visiting the Danxiashan Geopark Muesum, the Jinyan Great Red Cliff and other spots. At the same time, they also inquired about the geographic knowledge of geology and geomorphology there and the specialized knowledge concerning the planning and development of the Geopark in order to have an insight into the successful experience of the Geopark and use the experience for reference in future.

It is said that most of members are respectable Vietnamese experts and scholars in the field of geology and geomorphology. With the purpose of study and communication, they visited geoparks in China this time. They intended to follow the example of China to found a geopark in Vietnam. The general-director of the Henei Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources - Vietnam, Ruan Chunqian, said, “We learned a lot of valuable experience from this visit while we were astonished at extraordinary landscapes in Danxiashan.”