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Welcom to ProGEO WG3 meeting 2009

Source: Published:Oct 13,2008

Geoheritage, Geodiversity & Nature and Landscape management
19 - 23 April 2009, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Geoheritage NL and the province of Drenthe kindly invite you to participate in the ProGEO - WG3 meeting 2009. In 1988 the first geoheritage workshop in The Netherlands was organised by Gerard Gonggrijp and gave birth to the European working group on earth-science conservation. In 1993 this working group changed into the first European organisation on geoconservation, ProGEO. We hope the spin-off of this meeting will be as successful. Now several other networks are active in this field. Geoconservation gains impetus and will probably become an officially part of EU legislation and policy within the next years.

The board of WG3 selected seven interesting themes. Themes relevant for present- day discussions in geoconservation in Europe. Themes such as how to manage sea level rise and climate change or how improve on the integration of earth-sciences in nature management and spatial planning. Then there are issues on the agenda which hardly have been explored, such as the geoheritage and geodiversity of seas and lakes.

The fieldtrips and post-conference fieldtrips will bring you to interesting parts of The Netherlands and illustrate the themes of the conference. Besides as promised, they will focus on the high population pressures problems typical for our country and how these are managed. In one century the population of The Netherlands has grown from 3 million to 17 million inhabitants.

Browsing this website you will find further information about the programme, the location, the pre-conference workshop on Landice Tourism and how to submit your abstract and register.

We hope to meet you in The Netherlands.

The organizing committee


The ProGEO 2009 WG3 meeting will take place in The Netherlands, and to be exactly in Assen, the beautiful capital city of Drenthe, 'a town among the trees'. Drenthe is a province with a great nature and friendly people. The province of Drenthe is very pleased to be your host for this meeting.

The programme starts on Monday 19th April 2009 till Thursday 23th April 2009.

The first day there will be a icebreaker party in the famous Drents Museum in Assen at Monday evening 20th April 2009. The meeting will take place at Hotel Van der Valk Assen and at the House of Province in Assen.


When you will register the price you will pay is included:

Participation in the thematic sessions and workshop

The programme book including the abstracts
Two field trips in Drenthe
A field trip to Ameland (one of the barrier island along the Dutch coast)
Four lunches
Four dinners

Hotelcosts, dinner on Sunday evening (19thApril) and post-excursions are not included in the registration costs. Partner program is also on your own account.


Kindly complete the registration form and return it before 1st April, 2009 to the Organizing Committee Province of Drenthe, Mrs. Judith Koops van `t Jagt, Postbus 122, 9400 AC Assen, The Netherlands, tel: +31 592 365 875, fax: +31 592 365 422, email:

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