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Opening Ceremony of Bingyu National Geopark held

Source: Published:Oct 10,2008

Opening ceremony of the Bingyu National Geopark is held in Zhuanghe of northern Dalian, Liaoning province October 8, 2008.

Bingyugou, famous for what's claimed Northern Guilin, enjoys its fame again as it's dubbed the Bingyu National Geopark October 8, 2008.

It's been the second one of its kind in the city of Dalian since Dalian Binhai National Geopark made the debut.

Located in the northern part of the town of Zhuanghe in northern Dalian, Liaoning province of China, the geopark, 103 suqare kilometers, is seen 1.8 billion years evolvement course of geology and physiognomy such as quartzite hoodoo and glacier vestige with high geological science value.