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Opening ceremony of Daimeishan Mountain Geopark held

Source: Published:Oct 09,2008

On September 30, the opening ceremony of Daimeishan Mountain Geopark was held.
Located at the south bank of the upper reaches of Xiaolangdi Reservoir, northwest of Xin'an County of Henan Province, Daimeishan Mountain Geopark is an important part of Wangwushan-Daimeishan Mountain Global Geopark. Daimeishan Mountain Geopark, consisting of five scenery areas, Daimeishan Mountain, Longtan Valley, Jingzishan Mountain, Qingyaoshan Mountain and Wanshan Lake occupies an area of 328 square kilometers. It is a kind of comprehensive geopark mainly with a landscape of fjords and water landscapes, and supported by typical geological sections and engineering landscapes as well as ecology and humanities. Mountains, hills, terraces, rivers and lakes are very well integrated. The geological remains in the geopark, such as red rock gorge, cross bedding, ripple mark deposition, mud-crack structure, collapse landforms, clean water fjords reflect the grand changes of the North China Block 1.8 - 2 billions years ago. It is also a reconstruction of the magnificent spectacle of the tide rises and falls of the ancient oceans. The geopark has a high value of studying and worth seeing. Since the founding of the geopark, over 500 thousand tourists came to enjoy the beautiful sceneries each year. It is a great promotion to make the local residents become prosperous.