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Source: Source: Published:Sep 22,2008


The 2009 LANGKAWI GEOPARK IODA ASIAN Sailing Championship will be held from December 06th through 17th December 2009 in the Island of Langkawi Geopark , Malaysia. The racing area will be in the Kuah Harbor Langkawi and the shore venue will be the National Sailing Center, Langkawi, Malaysia


The Championship is organized by the Malaysian Yachting Association (MYA) with Sport Council of Malaysia, Ministry of Sport and Youth, Kedah state government and Langkawi Geopark authority (LADA) under the authority of the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA)


English shall be the Official Language for the Championship.


4.1. The Championship shall be sailed under the following rules:a) The 2009-2013 ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) ;b) The current Class Rules and Conditions of the IODA;c) The final Notice of Race;d) The Sailing Instructions (SI) and their amendments;e) The Supplementary Sailing Instructions (SSI) and their amendments;4.2. The prescriptions of the Malaysian Yachting Association will not apply.4.3. The event is designated Category A, ISAF Regulation 20; All competitors may be required to display advertising of the event sponsors on each side of the hull in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.3 (d)(i).4.4. Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.4.5. Boats shall “conspicuously display a red flag” according to the second sentence of RRS 61.1(a). (Amends RRS 61.1 (a)(2) ) A boat required to display a flag shall do so until she is no longer racing and shall inform a Race Committee finish boat of the boat being protested immediately after finishing. ( Amends RRS 61.1(a), third sentence )


An international Jury will be constituted in accordance with RRS Appendix N. Decisions of the International Jury are final and not subject to appeal as provided in RRS 70.4.


6.1 Competitors shall comply with the ISAF Eligibility Code, Regulation 19 and with the Conditions for IODA Asian Championships.6.2 Each member of IODA may enter a team of 5 sailors born in 1994 or later.6.3 Each team shall be accompanied by a Team Leader and may be accompanied by one Coach and one Country Representative.6.4 Competitors shall be either national or bona fide residents of the country they represent, unless otherwise agreed by the IODA Executive Committee. A competitor who has represented one country at an IODA World or Continental Championship shall not represent another member country except in cases of alteration of residence, which cases shall be approved by the IODA Executive Committee.6.5 Attention is drawn to ISAF Regulations relative to the ISAF World Youth Championship (change of nationality).


7.1 The IODA Asian Sailing Championship is made up of three events:a) An Individual Championship Racing called Langkawi Geopark Challenge Cup (LGCC);b) A Team Racing Championship called IODA Challenge Cup (ICC), and;c) A Nations Championship called Langkawi Geopark IODA (LGI).7.2 For the LGCC the entire fleet will be divided into 6 divisions (as far as possible with the same number of boats) each of which will sail at least once, and if conditions permit, 2 or 3 times with each of the other divisions.7.3 The registration of competitors continuing up to the last minute, dividing the fleet shall be done by the Race Office on December 8th at 12:00 HRS. Late entries will be added to the list.7.4 No more than four races will be sailed on any day.7.5 After the first 5 races sailed in the LGCC the total points of the 4 sailors with the best cumulative results from each country will be added to give a total team score. The 16 teams with the best total team scores will race in the ICC except that, if the team of the host country does not so qualify, it shall replace the team with the 16th best score. The format for the ICC will be described in Supplementary Sailing Instructions.7.6 Any request for redress made later than one hour after the ranking with the first five races is published on the Official Notice Board will not be taken into account when calculating the teams scores mentioned on For the LGI the total points without discard of the 4 sailors with the best individual cumulative results from each country in all LGCC Championship races which count will be added to give a team total space. The Trophy will be awarded to the country with the best team total score.


Friday, December 4th

Measurement and early arrival

Saturday, December 5th

Measurement and early arrival

Sunday, December 6th

Official Arrival Day.Registration and Measurement.Official accommodation available after 14:00hrs.

Monday, December 7th

Registration and Measurement.Team Leaders meeting.Opening Ceremony.

Tuesday, December 8th

Registration and Measurement.Free Practice Racing.

Wednesday, December 9th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.

Thursday, December 10th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.

Friday, December 11th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.

Saturday, December 12th

IODA Asian Team Racing Championship.

Sunday, December 13th

Rest / Spare Day

Monday, December 14th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.

Tuesday, December 15th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.

Wednesday, December 16th

LGCC - Individual Championship Racing.Prize giving and Closing Ceremony.

Thursday, December 17th

Official Departure Day.


9.1 For the LGCC competition the series shall consist of up to 15 races for each division, of which 5 must be completed to constitute a Championship.9.2 Each race of two divisions will be scored as one race in which all competitors of those two divisions have entered. Allocation of points according to RRS A4.2 will consider that “the number of competitors entered in the series” is the maximum number of competitors after grouping two divisions. Only races which have been completed for all 6 divisions will count.9.3 Each boat’s total score will be the sum of her scores for all races except that when 12 or more races have been completed, her two worst scores shall be excluded or if only 6 or more but less than 12 races have been completed, her single worst score shall be excluded.9.4 The scoring system for the IODA Challenge Cup will be described in the Supplementary Sailing Instructions. Appendix D will apply.


10.1 In addition to IODA Class Rules 4.2 (a) and (b), 4.3 (a) and (b), each boat shall have on board a secured paddle with a blade surface of not less than 0.025 square meters, and each competitor shall carry a whistle attached to clothing with a lanyard. Competitors not complying with this instruction will be attributed a penalty of 5 points for each race of the day on which they have failed to observe this instruction.10.2 Adequate personal buoyancy shall be worn at all times while afloat. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy. If the buoyancy device is of an inflatable type, it shall be inflated at all times while afloat. This changes RRS 40.


11.1 Team support boats shall be used according to the following conditions:a.) Each boat shall display a flag bearing the three letter national code, which will be supplied by the Organizing Committee.b.) Boats shall be shared by coaches of at least two different countries as decided by the Organizing Committee. No more than one person from each team shall be on the water in the boat at the same time.c.) All support boats shall comply with the rules established by the Organizing Committee.d.) Fuel and other consumables will be paid by the teams using the boat.11.2 Team support boats are available from the organizers at RM470.00 per day per boat (one boat per two teams).11.3 Reservations of support boats shall be made before July 28th 2009 accompanied by a first payment of RM1292.50 (50%). Remaining RM1292.50 of the total fee shall be transferred by October 15th. Availability of support boats is not guaranteed for reservations and/or payments after that date.11.4 A damage deposit of RM940.00 will be charged at registration and refunded at the end of the championship provided the boat is in good conditions. Should the Organizing Committee decide to deduct from the damage deposit, it may require that the deposit be restored to its original amount before the coaches are permitted to use the boat again. Any remaining deposit will be refunded at the end of the Championship. Damage deductions will be shared by the teams using the boat.11.5 Support boats will be available from December 8th 2009 until the last day of the Championship.11.6 It is possible to rent a boat from December 4th to December 8th for RM400.00 per boat per day excluding fuel. Payments are due April 15th to guarantee rate. Allocation of early arrival support boats will be made in order of arrival.


Spectator boats will be provided. Cost to be announced later.


13.1 Competitors are allowed to use only one hull, dagger board, rudder (with tiller and extension), mast, boom, sprit and sail during the Regatta. These parts of the equipment will be measured according to the Measurement Regulations, and approved to be complying with the Class Rules by the Measurement Committee.13.2 Substitution or damaged equipment may be permitted providing that:a) The damaged equipment has been checked by the Measurement Committee;b) The substituting equipment is presented for measurement to the Measurement Committee after the end of the day’s racing.c) Such substitution is subject to the approval of the Race Committee given retrospectively.13.3 Only boats chartered though the Organization may carry national letters or sail numbers in contravention of the Class Rules. The national letters to be carried shall be those of the country entering the chartered boat, and the number shall consist of the number of digits equal to the most recently issued sail number in that country.13.4 Hulls officially chartered through the organizers shall be supplied with a Registration Book but are exempt from complying with Class Rule 2.4.3 (b) and (c).13.5 Competitors are only allowed to compete in the championship in boats correctly registered in the country of the competitor or in Extreme Boat Production, Singapore charter boats officially chartered for the championship through the Organizing Committee.


14.1 Participants compete entirely at their own risk and responsibility. See RRS 4, Decision to Race.14.2 The Organizing Authority and any other party involved in the organization of the Championship accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss or claim, whether personal or material, incurred by or inflicted to participants before, during or after the Championship.14.3 All competitors and support Stuff will be required to execute liability waiver.


Competitors shall produce at registration a valid 3rd party liability insurance covering a minimum amount equivalent to RM 1,000,000.00. Teams unable to do so may contract the insurance through the Organization. Estimated cost EUR 50,00 per sailor as a maximum.


16.1 Entry fee including accommodation and meals, between official Arrival Day (December 6th) and Official Departure Day (Dec 17th) will be per person RM2,538.00 for sailors and RM2,773.00 for each adult (maximum three: Team Leader, Country Representative and Coach). See 16.3 for further details.16.2 Fees Payablea) 50% must be received by Bank Draft or Wire Transfer by July 28th 2009.b) The balance of fees must be received by Bank Draft or Wire Transfer on or before November 15th 2009.c) A surcharge of 25% will be charged to all late entries. All late entries include funds received after the initial or second payment schedule. This surcharge will apply to all payments for entry fees.16.3 Payment instructions:

a) Please make payment to Beneficiary:

Malaysian Yachting Association Bank:

Malayan Banking Berhad

14, Pusat Perdagangan Jalan Bandar

81700 Pasir Gudang

Johor, Malaysia

(a/c no: 501244311989 )IBAN Code


b) Fees must be paid in RM (Ringgit Malaysia).

c) Fees must be free from bank commissions. Any bank fee will be charged to the competitors. ( 1 USD - RM 3.50 )


Entries shall be made with the official forms, according to the following schedule:a) The Preliminary Entry Form shall be returned to the Organizing Committee not later than June 30th 2009.b) The Support Boat Booking Form and the Pre-regatta Support Boat Booking form shall be returned to the OC not later than June 30th 2009.c) The Charter Boat Booking Form and the Pre-regatta Charter Boat Booking Form shall be return to the OC not later than Jun 30th 2009.d) The Entry Form shall be returned to the OC not later than November 04th 2009.


18.1 Competitors and team officials will be housed in 4 star hotels (Hotel Grand Continental and Hotel Langkasuka) within walking distance. Official accommodation will be available from 14:00 on December 6th 2009 until 11:00 on December 17th 2009.18.2 All three meals will be provided. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotels. The first Official meal will be dinner on December 6th 2009 and the last official meal will be breakfast on Dec 17th 2009.18.3 A damage deposit of RM940.00 per room may be charged by the hotel and will be refunded if no damage has occurred. The damage deposit and other extra charges will be paid directly to the hotel and may be paid by Visa or MasterCard.18.4 Special food can be provided if requested in advance. Please send special requests by November 15th 2009 using the special meal request form.


19.1 Teams wishing to arrive before the official arrival date should contact the Organizing Committee in order to book accommodations. The daily fee per person per day will be approximately RM188.00 - RM211.50 per person (bed & meal).19.2 Early arrivals have to be booked by October 15th 2009 to guarantee rate.19.3 Club facilities will be open from 01st December 2009.


20.1 Charter boats are mandatory.20.2 Charter boats will be provided by Extreme Boat Production, Singapore. They will be allocated on a random basis to individual sailors by the Organizing Committee under the supervision of the International Jury.20.3 Competitors shall not modify the boats or cause them to be modified in any way except thata) A compass may be tied or taped to the hull or spars;b) Wind indicators, including yarn or thread, may be tied or taped anywhere on the boat;c) Hulls, dagger boards and rudders may be cleaned, but only with water; d) Adhesive tape may be used anywhere above the water line; ande) All fittings or equipment designed to be adjusted may be adjusted, provided that the Class Rules are complied with.20.4 Competitors may use their own spars, fittings and running rigging.20.5 The cost for 11 days (December 07th through December 17th) will be RM1, 880.00 First payment of RM940.00 IS DUE 15 th June 2009 and the final payment of RM940.00 is due November 15th 2009. Charter boats will be complete with blocks, air bags, mainsheet, racing spars and racing foils (specific manufacturers to be announced later). No sails will be provided. Neither bailers, nor paddles nor bowlines will be provided.20.6 Late payments will incur a surcharge of RM705.00 per boat. Charter boats cannot be guaranteed unless confirmed by October 15th 2009.20.7 Pre-regatta charters will be available from December 01st at RM235.00 per day. Payments shall be received on or before October 15th 2009 to guarantee availability.20.8 In addition to the charter fee a damage deposit of RM705.00 will be required on receipt of each boat, to be refunded if no damage has occurred.


21.1 Free of charge transportation to and from Langkawi International Airport will be provided on official arrival and departure days.21.2 On other days the cost will be RM80.00 each way for 6 people on a minibus.


Supporters are encouraged to reserve rooms at Hotel Grand Continental, 500 m from the venue.


To enhance the friendship between the participants and to make their stay in Malaysia more enjoyable, appropriate social events will be organized, casual attire.


24.1 Each team is kindly requested to bring its own National Flag (100cm X 150cm) and the National Anthem recorded on tape or CD.24.2 There are no medical precautions that need to be taken entering Malaysia.


Wind speed 8 to 20 knots

Daytime temperature Variable: 24-29 degrees Celsius

Tide 1 - 2.5m

Water temperature Average of 25 degrees Celsius

Current 0.5 - 1.5 knots


Delegations shall contact a Malaysia Embassy or Consulate in their country to get the latest visa requirements.


27.1 For further information and queries, please contact :Phone +6019-2296316 / +604-9663099Fax +604-9661099: +604-9663099/ + 6019-2296316E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: 27.2 Each participating country should designate a person to be the official contact with the Organizing Committee and provide an e-mail address.