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Boom Festival brings 30000 people to the heart of the Naturtejo Geopark

Source: Source: Naturtejo Geopark Published:Sep 16,2008

Boom sees itself as amplifier and a converter of concepts. Within this vast “ocean” of consciousness Boom is a lighthouse of sanity, ethic responsibility and a building block for the future to come. Boom is a new kind of tribal gathering where varied tribes can melt with nature in a sensitive and sustainable way. It is a continued experience, gathering knowledge and trying to somehow represent it outwards. Boom tries to do that through art and love (in Boom Book). Boom International Trance Psychedelic Music Festival is a sustainable event where thoughts, wastes and used oil are recycled into rhythmic music that brings new dynamics to local development. This Festival is organized by an international organization near the Ponsul River, Idanha-a- Nova. For 10 days, more than 30000 people coming from all around the word changed radically the uses of Idanha-a-Nova town and surroundings. In a calm area where birds break the monotony of silence the 11 km cue to enter in the Boom Festival marked intensely the local ways of life.

Boom Festival and Naturtejo Geopark: a unique combination of emotions and ecological care at different scales. Boom’s place is part of an amazing piece of land in the world called Naturtejo Geopark. We are all! The presence of the House of the Geopark opened 24 h per day in the heart of Boom Festival evoked facing your Nature at the Naturtejo Geopark. A House made of adobe reminding old building styles from the region circular as other many facilities in Boom. The difference was a 4 m long Orthoceras in a corner of the House and a trilobite 2 m long in the roof, as well as the famous statement of James Hutton and the new promo of Naturtejo Geopark “Our world in your heart”. Inside the House of the Geopark filled by sounds of local Nature hundreds of visitors found, surrounding a central Neolithic symbol from Tejo Rock Art Complex encircled by the most common rocks of the Geopark named in several languages, 3 screens with video art of Andrea Baucon. Several provocative movies with original soundtracks presented the Naturtejo Geopark in a psychedelic but conscientious way: the movie “You are in the Geopark!” pierced the mind of the most distracted (or addicted…) visitor with images of the geosites. Other movies about the geology of the Geopark were “Dance of Plagioclases”, “Petrographic Psychedelia” and “Hypnotic dreams of miss Trilobite”; the awareness of global disturbances in the environment and mass extinction perpetrated by Man and its intrinsic connection with the System Earth were presented in the movies “You were snow, you were sea, you were trilobite”, “You can’t eat a trilobite” and “Live like shit or face it…now!”. The geniality of the author was lively discussed by many that wanted to know more about him and the Geopark! Meantime new geotourist programs for Naturtejo Geopark were presented. “Geotrails” are daily activities to find the most secret corners of the Geopark, mainly during summer. Besides, a solar bike was also presented. The monitors of the House of the Geopark were Pedro Martins, Fátima Rodrigues, Nuno Capelo and Joana Rodrigues. Tiago Oliveira was responsible for building the House of the Geopark from an idea. All the Naturtejo team was deeply engaged to make the House of the Fossils the success it was. Many “Boomers” visited the geosites after the end of the Festival. It worked!