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A special report on Vulkaneifel Global Geopark in Beijing

Source: Published:Sep 08,2008

Mr. Andreas Schueller from Vulkaneifel Global Geopark delivered an academic report, Case Study of Setting Up Tourism Program and Educational Activities in Vulkaneifel Global Geopark, upon invitation in the GGN (Global Geoparks Network) Office on Sep. 1.

Mr. Andreas Schueller presented the conditions of Vulkaneifel Global Geopark in the form of pictures and texts, including geoheritage, geo-museum, identification panels, scientific education, geo-tourism, mineral water, local-specific tourism marketing modes and so on. He also handed out the latest issue of Vulkaneifel Global Geopark Journal to audiences. The topics mentioned in his report, such as “development of volcanoes-centered tourism giving rise to a success of Vulkaneifel Global Geopark”, “establishment of multifold small geo-museums suitable to local conditions contributing more to the geological education”, “redesigned and remade identification panels with multi-language interpretations and pertinent and simple contents attracting more tourists and impressing themselves on tourists; furthermore, they having understandable interpretations targeted at children” and “hotels, restaurants, mineral water producers and other enterprises exerting their full creativity to integrate volcanoes, maar lakes and other elements into their own products and services so as to relate every small link to volcanoes”, gave audiences a strong impression and can be used by geoparks in China for reference.

Prior to this report, Mr. Andreas Schueller explored Wudalinchi Geopark for “revaluation”.